pybitmessage.class_objectProcessor module

The objectProcessor thread, of which there is only one, processes the network objects

class objectProcessor[source]

Bases: threading.Thread

The objectProcessor thread, of which there is only one, receives network objects (msg, broadcast, pubkey, getpubkey) from the receiveDataThreads.


Process the objects from queues.objectProcessorQueue

static checkackdata(data)

Checking Acknowledgement of message received or not?

static processonion(data)

Process onionpeer object

static processgetpubkey(data)

Process getpubkey object


Process a pubkey object


Process a message object


Process a broadcast object


We have inserted a pubkey into our pubkey table which we received from a pubkey, msg, or broadcast message. It might be one that we have been waiting for. Let’s check.

static sendMessages(address)

This method is called by the possibleNewPubkey when it sees that we now have the necessary pubkey to send one or more messages.

static ackDataHasAValidHeader(ackData)

Checking ackData with valid Header, not sending ackData when false

static addMailingListNameToSubject(subject, mailingListName)

Adding mailingListName to subject