pybitmessage.state module

Global runtime variables.

extPort = None[source]

For UPnP

socksIP = None[source]

for Tor hidden service

appdata = ''[source]

holds the location of the application data storage directory

shutdown = 0[source]

Set to 1 by the shutdown.doCleanShutdown function. Used to tell the threads to exit.

enableNetwork = True[source]

enable network threads

enableObjProc = True[source]

enable object processing thread

enableAPI = True[source]

enable API (if configured)

enableGUI = True[source]

enable GUI (QT or ncurses)

enableSTDIO = False[source]

enable STDIO threads

enableKivy = False[source]

enable kivy app and test cases

clientHasReceivedIncomingConnections = False[source]

used by API command clientStatus

statusIconColor = 'red'[source]

GUI status icon color .. note:: bad style, refactor it

thisapp = None[source]

Singleton instance