pybitmessage.depends module

Utility functions to check the availability of dependencies and suggest how it may be installed


Finding out what Operating System is running


Detecting the release of OS

try_import(module, log_extra=False)[source]

Try to import the non imported packages


Check availability of the RIPEMD160 hash function


Do sqlite check.

Simply check sqlite3 module if exist or not with hexversion support in python version for specifieed platform.


Do openssl dependency check.

Here we are checking for openssl with its all dependent libraries and version checking.


Do curses dependency check.

Here we are checking for curses if available or not with check as interface requires the pythondialog package and the dialog utility.


Do pyqt dependency check.

Here we are checking for PyQt4 with its version, as for it require PyQt 4.8 or later.


Do sgpack module check.

simply checking if msgpack package with all its dependency is available or not as recommended for messages coding.

check_dependencies(verbose=False, optional=False)[source]

Do dependency check.

It identifies project dependencies and checks if there are any known, publicly disclosed, vulnerabilities.basically scan applications (and their dependent libraries) so that easily identify any known vulnerable components.