pybitmessage.queues module

Most of the queues used by bitmessage threads are defined here.

class ObjectProcessorQueue[source]

Bases: Queue.Queue

Special queue class using lock for threads.objectProcessor

maxSize = 32000000
curSize = None

in Bytes. We maintain this to prevent nodes from flooding us with objects which take up too much memory. If this gets too big we’ll sleep before asking for further objects.

put(item, block=True, timeout=None)
get(block=True, timeout=None)
objectProcessorQueue = <pybitmessage.queues.ObjectProcessorQueue instance>[source]

network.ReceiveQueueThread instances dump objects they hear on the network into this queue to be processed.

apiAddressGeneratorReturnQueue = <Queue.Queue instance>[source]

The address generator thread uses this queue to get information back to the API thread.

excQueue = <Queue.Queue instance>[source]

for exceptions